What is a Family Home?

  • A Family Home is not an orphanage although that is the offical label. It is meant to be small in size and to provide destitute children with a sense of family and belonging. It is not an institution, it is a home.

  • A Family Home is a kind of family where 8-10 children live together with a set of houseparents in a home.

  • Children are admitted from all religions, backgrounds, socio-economic level, gender, race or caste and are only admitted after a throurough background check to verify their status as orphaned and/or their parents lacking the means to provide for them (extreme poverty). They come from all over Nepal.

  • The houseparents are a married couple who are hired by the Nepali NGO to take care of the children as their own and run the home's day to day affairs.

  • The Swedish NGO provides all the financial support for each Family Home and works together with the Nepali NGO and each set of houseparents to provide the best possible circumstances for the children.

  • All children attend school and get regular medical checks.

  • A Family Home is registered in Nepal as an orphanage and abides by all local and national laws and regulations. We are registered with the Nepali Women and Children Welfare Department.

  • A Family Home is meant to be a permanent home for the children to grow up so that they will learn and understand what a family is and what it means to belong to one. 

  • A Family Home is a safe place with clear rules and guidelines and where local Nepali contacts serve to provide us with accountability and financial oversight.

Kontonummer (Sverige): 81059 - 9344586541

SWISH: 123 421 2635

SMS betalning: Skicka ett SMS till 72456 med texten FAMILYHOME100 eller FAMILYHOME200

Bankgiro: 172-6520


Kontonummer (Norge): 1020.20.05344


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