This is our story

 It started in 2005.

We, Laurie and Andreas Kjernald, were in Nepal to adopt our son

Samuel. One day we saw two small children sitting up against a fence

in chaotic, downtown Kathmandu. It was in the middle of winter and they

were almost without clothes. They were crying and extremely filthy...and

we had walked by them. As we stopped and turned around we could tell

that the older boy was trying to comfort the younger one to no avail. We

had to go somewhere and be somewhere but we couldn't just leave them

there. We had to turn back. We had to help.

As we sat down with those two children we had an overwhelming feeling that "this simply shouldn't be!". It simply shouldn't have to be that two children, not a day over 5, had to freeze and starve and cry in this world. But what could we do? What can any of us do? The need is immense and we can't save the world...but as we gave those two children what money we had and hurried after our lawyer for our next meeting we realized that if we ever got the chance in the future we had to do something  for these beautiful and struggling children

Welcome to the future!

We finally have the chance to do something and we are excited to share with you what we are doing and what you can do to directly help a child never to freeze, never to be alone, never to be hungry.  

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